About Us

The Windberg Art Center in Georgetown, TX is a community of artists, students, and people that admire fine art.

We offer Original Artwork by featured artist Dalhart Windberg, Michael Windberg, Clinton Broyles, Kyle Polzin and others. We sell prints of Dalhart and many of these artists as well.

If an artist wishes to have their painting scanned for their own records or wants to print their art, the Windberg Art Center provides competitive pricing and options.

At the Windberg Art School, Dalhart and Michael Windberg teach oil painting classes regularly with various subjects regardless if you’re a beginner or have been painting for years. Other artists come to the Windberg Art School to teach other techniques in all different mediums as well. Many of our featured artists have studied under Dalhart and Michael or continue to do so.

For many years, Dalhart Windberg has created a system of tools to improve both the ease and comfortability of painting. A lot of his creations stemmed from his own painting experience as well as a lack of durable and useful tools in the market. At the Windberg Art Center, you will find these tools ranging from Easels to Art Panels, to Painting Mediums. Most of the products are made by hand in Georgetown, Texas and are of the highest quality.